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We understand that choosing the right Private Christian School can be a daunting task. But admission to that school, shouldn’t be. At Destiny Achievement Center, we are here to assist you through-out the entire process.

Call today to speak with an enrollment specialist and request an enrollment packet (727) 900-6900.

You may also choose to Pre-Register your student now.  Simply complete the online Pre-registration form to secure your child’s seat for the upcoming school year.  (A $35.00 fee is required with Pre-registration)


Along with a completed enrollment application packet, you will also need the following documents.

  • Copy of the student’s Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Parent’s Driver’s License

  • Immunization Record (form DH680) or Certificate of Exemption (DH681)

  • Students entering 7th grade or higher must have evidence of all required additional immunizations

  • School Entry Physical Exam (form DH3040)

  • Students entering or above 6th grade must have a Scoliosis Exam (not included with the DH3040)

  • Scholarship Award Letter / ID card (if applicable)

  • Scholarship Affidavit (if applicable)

  • Copy of students IEP/504 Plan and most recent update

Admission Process

Steps done with heart, soul, mind & strength for your child.

At Destiny Achievement Center, we are here to assist you through-out the process.


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