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  • 1. How is Destiny Achievement Center navigating concerns of COVID-19?
    Destiny was ahead of the pack in preparations for Distance Learning during the last quarter of 2019 and we’re ready to initiate a blended or fully virtual component in the fall – if the need arises. What’s more, we’ve always had a focus on keeping the spread of seasonal germs at bay. With the rising concerns of children returning to campuses and seeing an increase in the spread of COVID-19, we have added increased health screening and sanitization protocols to keep our students safe and healthy while on campus.
  • 2. Is there financial aid available to help with tuition?
    Yes. As a School Choice partner, Destiny Achievement Center is able to accept a wide range of scholarships including the John McKay Scholarship, Step Up For Students (Florida Tax Credit and Gardiner) Scholarships, the HOPE Scholarship and both the Florida Tax Credit and Gardiner scholarships through the AAA Foundation. You can find links to each of these scholarships on our home page.
  • 3. Do you offer free scholarship coaching advise?
    Yes, we are more than happy to walk your family through the process of picking the right scholarship and the steps to take to maximize available scholarship dollars.
  • 4. Is Destiny Achievement Center an accredited K thru 12 school?
    Because we were just established in 2018 we are in the initial stages of accreditation through the International League of Christian Schools as well as AdvancEd, a renown credentialing entity in both the private and public school sectors.
  • 5. What type safety procedures do you have in place?
    We have procedures in place for a number of scenarios including Severe Weather, Terror Threat, Injury and First Aid and campus evacuation. Although we have an “open door” policy with our school families, the campus is locked down during school hours. Parents and visitors much contact the School Office once on campus to gain entry into the building.
  • 6. What learning system/technique/curriculum do you follow?
    At Destiny Achievement Center we develop lifelong learners by utilizing a proven, effective and most of all individualized methods of learning with the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum and model of learning. Along with ACE we also utilize other tools and methodologies to enhance a student’s learning experience.
  • 7. Is your curriculum customized based on each student’s needs and goals?
    Yes, What sets The Accelerated Christian Education model apart is that the curriculum is customizable and completely individualized to a student’s learning skill and academic level throughout the six core subjects. We also consider a student’s learning styles and limitations when prescribing an academic path. With this proven method of learning, a student will master fundamental and foundational principals before proceeding to the next academic level.
  • 8. Do you offer tutoring?
    Absolutely, tutoring is done throughout the day in each classroom with students and/or groups of students requiring additional assistance with their learning experience.We also provide supplemental tutoring services to qualifying students.We also provide supplemental tutoring services to qualifying students.
  • 9. How do you monitor students’ progress?
    The unique methodology of the Accelerated Christian Education model promotes monitoring of a students progress on a daily basis. What's more, supervisors are checking in with student regularly regarding their daily and weekly progress. Other tools used include individual progress charts and quarterly Supervisor Reports for each child.Student Progress is also monitored and modified through quarterly evaluation through NWEA-MAP resting.
  • 10. Do your students have 1 teacher or multiple teachers throughout the day/change classes?
    Within the Accelerated Christian Education Model of Learning, students spend the majority of the school day in the same "Learning Center" (classroom) with exception of special classes such as music, PE and art (where applicable)
  • 11. Are parents allowed to request evaluations on their child’s progress?
    It is our philosophy that the parent is the ultimate overseer of their child's educational experience and therefore can make any request for services and/or evaluations they see necessary for their child's academic success. As much as it is within the parameters of the mission and model of Destiny Achievement Center we will provide, facilitate or refer evaluations as requested.
  • 12. Do you have full time counselors on campus?
    No. Destiny Achievement Center does not employ mental health professionals exclusively to provide therapy to our students. As with other services we partner with several agencies to provide these services on and off of the campus.
  • 13. Do you provide behavior management services?
    Destiny Achievement Center staff are trained in basic behavior management but it is not provided as an exclusive therapy. Further, we attempt to promote behavior modification over behavior management at every opportunity.Destiny partners with community partners such as Lampert’s Home Therapy Group and Full Spectrum ABA services to provide services to students who might benefit from additional services.
  • 14. What types of therapy services to you offer?
    Destiny Achievement Center partners with highly skilled providers throughout the community to offer therapies that include Speech, Occupational, Physical, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and Mental Health services.
  • 15. Does your school have an Athletics Department? If so, which sports do you offer?"
    We contract with a licensed vendor that provides Physical Education at most of our campuses. What’s more, we assist students who are interested in organized sports in trying out for the sport of their choice with their zoned pubic school. As our campus population increases these extra-curricular programs will be added.
  • 16. Do you provide breakfast and lunch?
    Yes, we provide both breakfast and lunch through partnership with the District School Board Nutrition Department. Typically, our menus will match those of your local public school. Of course students may elect to bring lunch to school however it must be shelf stable or cool packed as there is no access to refrigerators by the student body
  • 17. Do you have recess and/or P.E.?
    Yes, students are given recess and other breaks throughout the school day as well as participating in a weekly physical education program.
  • 18. Do your students go on field trips?
    Yes, we offer field trips throughout the school year for all grade levels. Some of those field trips are “all campus” trips. Parents need to be aware that if a field trip is considered “all campus” there will be no staff on campus during that trip. If you prefer that your student not participate in a particular “all campus” field trip, you will need to provide other arrangements for the day as the campus will be closed during that time.
  • 19. Do you provide transportation?
    “Door the door” Transportation is provided on an “as available” basis. Parents should be aware that transportation services are not included as part of a student’s tuition and are, most often, not paid for by student scholarships. Annual transportation fees are $1,800.00 per student. (Discounts are available to multi-student families).
  • 20. Do you have parent/teacher conferences?
    Yes, there are two parent/teacher conferences on the school calendar throughout the year, however, we welcome parents to contact the office to schedule teacher conferences at any time to address their child’s progress. Parents of students in eighth grade and above are required to attend at least one parent conference with Administration to discuss their student’s academic projection with School administration.
  • 21. Do you follow the public school year calendar?
    For the most part, yes. With the exception of one or two days of the school year, we follow the same schedule as the public school’s district calendar. The current DAC calendar is posted on our website. Also, should there be issues of inclement weather, DAC will follow the local school district in school closure. We also utilize a school wide phone announcement system to communicate important information with our families.
  • 22. Processes for daily cleaning and sanitizing to ensure the safest environment possible.
    Daily Health checks of all students, staff and visitors to the campus.
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